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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

My Cakes
The Tradition in Australia was
always Fruit Cake and a lot of cakes are ordered as a two or
more tier cake with a different flavour each tier.
(This keeps the old relatives quite mostly).
Americans don't use fruit cake and a they have a
bigger variety of flavours - its not uncommon to
have Banana flavoured, Passionfruit or Strawberry cakes.
They don't use the White Fondant, its always a Butter Icing
(I always suspected they were odd; now i know!!)
Now if you are of the Greek or Croatian persuation,
then depending on how affluent your family are,
or what the Social Standing in the community will depend
on how many tiers your cake will be and these tiers are
usually 'linked' by pillars or 'bridges' together.
Again the Fruit Cake with White Fondant is the preferred choice.

Over the years the top tier
decoration has changed. Mostly we had the plastic figurine
of the Bride & Groom or a Horse & Carriage.
Then came the 'Flower' explosion and out the door went the
figurines of Couples, Carriages, doves, rings etc and in came
the huge variety of different flowers.

Today a lot of cakes reflect the colors
of the bridal flowers usually made of sugar, or fresh flowers
(very hard to keep fresh i might add!).
If flowers aren't to the couples' likening they can also choose
handmade polystyrene base figures of the Bride & Groom complete
with hair color and dress color. I went this option on my own
wedding cake (unfortunately they made my husband appear
taller...bad mistake i'm still receiving counselling for!!!).
Another choice is the 'sparklers', with shapes or letters,
hand painted and inserted into the tier.

The options are endless and
so when i'm asked how much for a cake, my mind boggles with
any number of questions. I'm usually armed with the latest
copy of Bridal Magazine, my portfolio and the request of
cake pictures the couple have seen and their wedding colors
.....The best part is how much i can undercut my rivals for

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